Behold, our first KFC wedding

Congratulations to Kate and Harry who said “Bucket, why not?” this weekend, with the first of our KFC weddings. Watch the vows, dancing, and of course, a whole lot of that tasty fried gold get devoured, as the couple promise to love, hold and treasure KFC (and each other) forever…


You’re visiting this website today to declare your desire for a KFC Wedding.

Will you
and promise
to say ‘Bucket’ and smash irresistible KFC on , the date of
your big day?
Offering one another a Wing, as a delicious symbol of everlasting love 
before hungry friends
and family,
at  in beautiful
before you’re officially declared the perfect combo?
why you want an epic KFC Wedding?
Will you
take to be your one true love?

The competition has now closed
and the Colonel has chosen 6 lucky winners.

  • Tevita H & Lauren A
  • Kate S & Harrison C
  • Sam C & Paul H
  • Laura M & Phillip H
  • Ashleigh F & Bailey M
  • Melissa W & Cao T