Our Sustainability Strategy has two key focus areas: sustainable stores and a sustainable supply chain.

Energy Efficiency

We have reduced electricity consumption by around 15% on a restaurant basis since 2011 (Equity). In fact, our electricity consumption has dropped each year for the last five years. Savings have been achieved through energy efficiency management at stores together with innovation in fixtures and fittings

Carbon Footprint

  • KFC Australia has contributed to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) since 2011.
  • KFC Australia is in its 7th year of National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting, providing information to the Australian Department of Environment Clean Energy Regulator on its carbon emissions across more than 640 restaurants.

Reducing Waste

  • KFC Australia is the first QSR to have consumer bottle and can recycling in store.
  • In 2014, KFC Australia faced the problem of disposing approximately 60,000 old staff uniforms as it switched to new ones. KFC collaborated with produce suppliers, Cut Fresh Salads and Unifresh to commence the sustainable transfer of uniforms to Pacific NonWovens, a fibre technology company that will convert them to 25,000 m2 of Superfelt carpet underlay, to be sold commercially.
  • In 2017 we commenced a new partnership with Eco Textiles to commence recycling of old uniforms.  We are also working with our uniform supplier on a plan to address textile waste.
  • In 2015, in partnership with EDGE Environment, KFC Australia launched and facilitated a Sydney Industrial Ecology Network. Made possible through a grant from the NSW Environment Protection Authority, the network will bring businesses together to foster reuse of commercial and industrial waste.
  • 98% of KFC restaurants recycle cardboard back of house, in 2016, we diverted 2,360 metric tons of waste from our cardboard recycling program.
  • Our canola cooking oil is recycled at more than 560 restaurants and used to create biodiesel and animal feed. In fact, over the last 7 years KFC has saved the CO2 Equivalent of 14,036,822Kg by recycling with Auscol.
  • Krusher Cups now have 50% recycled content – increased from 35%.
  • In a goal to reduce water consumption both of our LEED certifiable implemented a range of water-saving measures, including the installation of water efficient landscaping, tankless water heaters and high efficiency water fixtures and fittings in bathrooms. This reduced water use by over 35% from the baseline set by LEED and these initiatives are now incorporated in all future projects.
  • KFC Australia is pioneering recycling as the first QSR system to participate in a nationwide recycling initiative, "Do the Right Thing, Use the Right Bin". Funded by the Australian Packaging Covenant, this is a three year project to create more away-from-home recycling opportunities for the 2 million or so customers that visit KFC each week. To date, new recycling systems for public use have been installed at over 250 KFC restaurants across Australia.
  • In 2015 through our innovative front-of-house program we have had successfully diverted more than 102 metric tons of commingled waste (bottles, cans and Krusher cups) from landfill.
  • KFC are extremely proud of our accomplishments of our recycling programs – below shows data from 2010 to end 2016 of waste diverted through programme.
  • We also have our first solar trial underway in early 2016 at Ellenbrook in WA. To date this has saved 6017kW, averaging 110kW a day!

Sustainable Buildings

  • KFC Australia’s East Maitland store is the first Australian LEED Certified QSR.
  • KFC Australia’s second LEED Certifiable store was officially opened in February 2015 in Lidcombe, NSW.
  • A model for future business, KFC Australia’s aim is for all company owned restaurants to be LEED certifiable (or equivalent) from 2015.

Sustainable Supply Chain

  • KFC Australia is partnering with its supply chain in an industry leading farm-to-fork study to identify and assess the environmental and social hotspots across our supply chain.
  • KFC Australia convenes an Industry Sustainability Working Group, consisting of industry experts to understand crossovers, opportunities and best practice initiatives across our supply chain.
  • In 2015 KFC Australia became the official sponsor of the Banksia Foundation’s ‘Food for Sustainable Thought’ award category. The ‘Food for Sustainable Thought’ award recognises demonstrated leadership, innovation and achievement in addressing matters of food security through sustainable food practices.