11 SECRET Herbs & Spices

It all started with one cook, Colonel Harland Sanders,
who created a finger lickin' good recipe
more than 75 years ago.

Originally scratched out on the back of the door
to his kitchen,this recipe of 11 herbs and spices
is still the key ingredient to our success and kept
top secret to this day.

scret 3


We still follow the colonel's formula for success,
with real cooks brading and freshly preparing
our delicious chicken by hand in more than 20,000
restaurants in 125 countries and territories around
the world.

The process begins with our cooks inspecting
each individual piece of chicken. Then, they
carefully roll the fresh chicken 7 times in our
secret blend of 11 herbs & spices before rocking
it 7 times and then pressure cooking it at a low
temperature to preserve all the great taste we’re
known for around the world.