Warm up your vocal cords cos' you can now order KFC using Amazon Alexa! Or, Facebook Messenger, for when you're on the run. What a time to be alive.

Order with Amazon Alexa

The future of chicken is here. Order with your mouth, and then get it in there. Here’s how:

  1. Visit the 'Skills and Games' section of the Amazon Alexa App and search for 'KFC - Order On The Go'
  2. Download and enable the skill, following the instructions to link the skill to your KFC account
  3. Ask Alexa to "Order KFC"
  4. Use to re-order a recent order or a saved favourite
  5. Go to your chosen KFC to collect (and pay on collection)


Order with Facebook Messenger

You may have hundreds of Facebook friends, but there’s only one you can message when you’re craving the Colonel.

  1. Go to the ‘KFC – Order On The Go’ Facebook page and start chatting!


    go to our main KFC Australia page, and ask our messenger bot there to order KFC
  2. Sign in to your KFC account when prompted
  3. Order away!