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With the KFC App you can pre-order and prepay for all your favourite KFC menu items. The app is quick and simple to use and is loaded with cool features:

  • Have KFC your way. You can completely customise and build your perfect KFC meal via the app.
  • Exclusive app only offers via the Colonel's Table menu.
  • Pre-order in your own time making it super convenient for large orders.
  • Pre-pay with credit card so you skip the queue!
  • Save your favourite orders for next time.



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Simply place your order, let us know you’ve arrived via the “I’m here” button and pick up your food fresh, either in store or via the drive-thru.  

App is available in more and more KFC stores every week, so download now to see if the app is available in your local KFC and remember to check back. 



Download the App

Find the KFC App on the AppStore or Google Play.

Select your store and create your order

Select your store & Create your Order

Select the restaurant you want to order from. Add in your order.

Choose payment

Choose Payment

Pre-pay or pay in-store.

Check in

Check in

Tell us when you are at the restaurant and we will make your meal fresh for you to collect.


What if I cannot see any stores near me? Only participating stores are shown, so if there are no participating stores nearby nothing will be shown.  You can use the Map view to search for stores further afield if you wish to.  It is also important to have Location Services enabled for the App to find your closest participating store.

The App is saying the Store not available ­- why is this?  If the store is unable to take orders over the internet you may see this message.  In some cases the database on your phone may be corrupted causing this message to be shown for all stores.  If this is the case deleting and re-installing the App should fix the problem.

I was unable to "Check In" when I got to the store ­- what do I do?  Your order is sent to the store as soon as you have placed your order, so if for any reason you can't "check in" using your phone then simply see a team member and they can retrieve your order for you.

Can I pick up my food in Drive Through or the Front Counter?  Absolutely -­ either method is possible and you can make the decision on what suits you when you get to the store.

I don¹t have a credit card ­- can I pay in the store?  Absolutely ­- although the fastest experience will be to prepay for your food we understand not everyone has a credit card.  In this case our team can take payment for your order in the store.                   


When I am ordering and paying by card the App is telling me that there is an issue communicating with the store ­- why is this?  This could be because the store is unable to take orders, but it can also be caused by your credit card details being incorrectly entered and payment not being authorised.  Try re-entering your card details, but if you still have issues you can always use the Pay In Store option.

Why do I have to create an account to order?  We need an account so that we can email you your receipt, and allow the App to remember your frequent and favourite orders to make the ordering process faster for you.  Creating an account is fairly easy, just a couple of fields to fill out.


If you have any questions or feedback please email us: