Introducing the KFC Youth Foundation

6 KFC restaurant team members who are all under 25 and will benefit from the KFC Youth Foundation

Fun Fact

90% of our restaurant team members are under 25

We love the passion and drive of young Aussies. Since most of our team members are youth, we know they thrive, not just survive with the right support.

The KFC Youth Foundation is our chance to help young Aussies beyond our restaurants. It’s our opportunity to give young people the skills and support they need to flourish in the world now, and in the future. 

KFC Youth
Confidence Report

We’ve commissioned a nation-wide research report, to help better understand how confidence affects the lives of Aussie youth. The results? There’s so much opportunity for improvement. Nearly half (40%) of young aussies we spoke to lack confidence almost every day. That’s a number we’re going to change. 

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