Here are 11 secrets, we're happy to share.
The secrets of how our chicken we hand prepare…

Our first step in satisfying your fried chicken desires
Is to source our chicken from the best Aussie suppliers

Trusted local growers, three’s a charm
Ingham’s, Steggles and Golden Farms

To keep freshness and flavour at its peak
Our chicken's delivered right throughout the week

To ensure you get the best tasting chook
Inside every KFC store you’ll find a trained cook

Fold and press the chicken in flour, fold again and shake
Tis the age old process of how kentucky fried chicken, we do make

Because it’s hand prepared and breaded each day instore
Our Original Recipe chicken’ll always leave you wanting for more

Some sage advice from the Colonel, and to this day well heeded,
Is to only cook small batches of chicken, as needed

Before we cook our Original Recipe chicken to taste like heaven
Each piece basks in our secret herbs and spices - all eleven

To make sure you enjoy the full flavour of our toil
We cook our chicken instore with canola oil

Although our secret recipe taste was perfected in the South
Its rightful home is now right here, right now, in your mouth

Before you use your KFC refresher towel, remember this rhyme
& do yourself a favour - lick them fingers, one last time