Yep! Guess this one’s true.


What started as one man selling fried chicken from a service station in Kentucky has grown into a global franchise with tens of thousands of restaurants. And in the same way every culture has its own unique charms and customs, so too does each KFC have its own menu items formulated specifically for each market.


In Singapore, you could order a delicious chicken congee for brekky (a local hit!). Or in India, they’ve got the Veg Zinger to cater to the predominantly vegetarian population. And who could forget that time KFC China brought out the Shrimp Burger?


If you’ve got your heart set on something from overseas (and don’t want to travel all that way), then fear not! There’s always a chance it might make its way onto our menus Down Under. In fact, our beloved Double was actually first released in the United States. We returned the favour and sent them our classic Zinger Burger in 2017 (except they call it a Zinger Sandwich over there… because sandwiches there are apparently very different to what we would call a sanga).